About Us

Our childhood love for France grew over the years into a dream of owning our own home in the south. When we came across our Villa la Luna in the summer of 2008, we were blown away. We sat in the evening sun on the warm steps leading into the garden, breathing in the scent of rosemary, thyme and lavender. The silence and the light enchanted us, and we knew this was our dream. You can change a house, but not a location. So we bought the property in October 2008, renovated and modernized it with a lot of love and have not regretted it until today. The positive feedback of our guests and their attentive treatment of our Villa la Luna show us that it can be a pleasure to share such a wonderful place. We are always happy to read our guestbook after the season and feel that our guests had a wonderful time here.
À bientôt 
Pia Lang & Jörg Spamer

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